About SIROWA Dental Clinic

The clinic was founded in 1994 as part of the SIROWA Riga Company. Over the years, the specialists at the clinic have succeeded in creating a range of services fully conforming to the achievements of the most advanced European dental clinics. The main priority is a professional and responsive attitude to the customer.

At SIROWA Dental Clinic, there are eleven certified general dentists (two of whom are also certified maxillofacial surgeons), anaesthesiologist - reanimatologist , one certified orthodontist, one certified hygienist and five professional dental assistants. The dental team improve and update their knowledge on a regular basis by attending further education courses both in Latvia and abroad.

Sirowa Riga Dental Clinic offers a complete set of dental services. The clinic has operating rooms with modern equipment meant for implantation, surgical manipulations and tooth extractions. After an operation we can provide foreign patients also with accommodation offering one of its comfortable hotel rooms.


Recently many patients from EU countries (like from Scandinavia, UK, Germany) are looking for dentists abroad to receive affordable dental treatment. Therefore Sirowa Dental Clinic is also engaged in dental tourism offering its foreign patients additional professional dental services.